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With its roots in the international nonprofit educational work of Giving from the Ground Up/Alec's Animated Schoolhouse, Worldwise Comics™ is a paradigm shifting educational endeavor for the global classroom with a percentage of profits going towards philanthropic and innovative educational initiatives in developing nations.

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To the countless children who inspire us every day. Remember…there’s no place for a bully in our world. Billy and his friend, Rashid, go from being the object of the school bully to being his mentors. With the help of Chief Moku’s wisdom, a great lion spirit and a little Kikuyu Village magic, the bully learns the importance of the three C’s: Caring, Community and Compassion. Coming this spring: The Ghosts of Chone (A story about Negative Peer Pressure, set in Chone, Ecuador) Eduardo thought it would be easy…Just sneak in, take the book..and that was it. But, oh, was he wrong! Sometimes there are far more important things than just being cool.     You think the two boys on the outskirts of the marketplace are up to no good…But in fact, they are about to begin an adventure of heroes. Right makes might. Green Circles is the story of two young boys from Ghana who use a camera, a rollicking chase and their smarts to outwit a bunch of thugs and bring clean water to their village.    

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