“Looking good! Nice forms and line quality with solid anatomy.”

-Jim Lee; Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics

“I really dig the humor that you’re putting into what normally is a dreary kind of concept.”

-Jacob Chabot; Marvel Comics, Darkhorse Comics

"I love the depth of each of the characters; so much thought has gone into who all theBORDERHOUNDS characters are… I love the artwork!!! I think it has a lot of potential…”  

-Bob Rozakis; formally of DC Comics (served 17 years as Head of DC’s Production Department)



“Opening page one is akin to tumbling down the rabbit hole and what could be better as a reviewer than to find undiscovered territory? No zombies, no Nazis, no licensed properties looking to squeeze those last few drops out of a tired franchise. Nope, this is an artist’s imagination put on paper.”

-Mr. Pasty; Ain’t It Cool News

“I began reading this with low expectations and then I guardedly liked it. Then I was genuinely enjoying it. When I finished, I wanted to read the next issue. It was just that good.”

-IcarusFlies; Comic Vine

“There is a very strong humor element to Brimstone and the Borderhounds, but it's understated. It's the kind of humor I like in a comic book. It's not in your face. It's understated and just comes naturally.”

-Troynos; Kitty’s Pryde

“The team of Brimstone and Carnevali bring it all together to create a new and unique universe of their own that is worthy of taking a literary tour.”

-Lon Dobbs; Pop Stars Plus

“BRIMSTONE AND THE BORDERHOUNDS is one of those surprising indie titles that ends up being more than the sum of its parts. Even if you think you know what you’re getting into, reading BRIMSTONE AND THE BORDERHOUNDS will get you thinking, get you laughing and leave you wanting the next issue.” “This story is as flamboyant is its characters and despite its tongue-in-cheek attitude, BRIMSTONE AND THE BORDERHOUNDS dives into some fairly complex and scary concepts right off the bat. From religious and racial prejudices to Wall Street betrayals in the name of the almighty Dollar to serial killers to finding out that you’ve died and gone to hell, Kucmierowski and Carnevali pull no punches.” “BRIMSTONE AND THE BORDERHOUNDS is just fun. The notes of the absurd ring very true and the blend of urban horror, the post-apocalyptic world of hell and characters you know as soon as you see them blend to create one of those stories that will be quickly and quietly passed from comic reader to comic reader.”

-Alan M. Rogers; Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy

"The need to reinterpret mythology to modern parameters is inherent to any society. In its own way, creating comics is simply reinterpretation those historical archetypes for a new world. Here two former wrestlers create their own images of the heroic ideal." 

-Comic Related

"I'm not a big fan of 'Hell' stories, I'm more of a Green Lantern or Wolverine man myself; but I found myself easily reading "Brimstone and The Borderhounds" and enjoying it! The persona of 'Brimstone' based on the Pro-Wrestler nicely ties into the whole story." 

-The Geek Buzz

"Just in time for Halloween, a new comic called "Brimstone and the Borderhounds" is launching that will challenge your perceptions about the post-apocalyptic world: Hell." "I'm a fan of pulp fiction myself and old-school Iron Man and Fantastic Four comics, so I can see myself getting sucked right into the world of "The Borderhounds." With an Xbox Live game in production via SGN Games and plans for other media expansion, the future looks very bright for the dark comic!" 

-Pat Ryder; The Examiner

“Brimstone and the Borderhounds” #1 is a fun read that promises to get crazier with ensuring issues. I plan on sticking around to see to where this one goes.”

–Brian LeTendre; Secret Identity 


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