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You asked for them... we got them!!! Little Brass Bird and Hound Comics, Inc. presents "Little Brass Borderhounds Plush Toy Collection." Now available are the always lovable Borderhounds Brimstone, Luscious and Sasha. Every individual character in our plush collection is handmade; thus making them one of a kind pieces of art for collectors and snuggly stuffed toys for the kids. Any way you slice it, these characters are a must have for any 'Brimstone and The Borderhounds' fan! Make sure to order yours today...

Get yours TODAY! 


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These toys are for decorative/collectable purposes only (much like posters, models, resin kits) and may contain small possible hazardous pieces.
Little Brass Bird merchandise is not intended for rough handling, eating, pets and children ages 3 and under.

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