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REVIEW: Hooters (Farmingdale, New York)

REVIEW: Hooters (Farmingdale, New York)

Postby Brimstone » Mon Apr 02, 2012 2:11 pm

25 Smith Street
Farmingdale, NY 11735
(631) 249-5250

American (Traditional), Sports Bars, Chicken Wings

Fellow Food Hounds... it has certainly been quite awhile since we have been to a Hooters. Brimstone here with another Food Hound: Tidbits for all of you foodies out there just itching to taste something great! Etan Wish, Luscious and I visited the Farmingdale, Long Island Hooters; which when it was initially built... was the largest Hooters in the world! This spot is seriously huge with a lot going on including drinking, billiards and of course... EATING!

So, Hooters is widely known for their chicken wings and 'other' things; but what most people actually do NOT know, is their wings are always fresh, never frozen! The freezing process actually shrinks the wings which is why Hooters chicken is always big, plump and juicy! Regularly, the chicken is fantasmic... however when you add that something special, you create magic! The sauce is BOSS and makes dining here SO much fun! Hooters boasts 13 flavors to choose from and from what the Food Hounds were told; are launching a couple of new ones in the coming months... SAUCE OVERLOAD!!!

We tried every flavor and one was better than the other! Break down of each flavor... Mild was delicious; perfect for the person who wants a wing with a little flavor; but doesn't pack a serious punch. Medium was a little hotter; but still not too crazy... a little more heat added to the flavor. Hot was again just another nudge up from the last level, nothing too overwhelmingly hawt! Once the color started turning from a nice orange to a dark red... it was on! The heat certainly does progress with each level & the 911 started to get nuts! Very hot, still doable without the bleu cheese, ranch or celery; but leaves that burning sensation in your mouth. Then you have the 3 Mile Island... the hottest of them all... the one that the waitresses try coaxing young lads into ordering to see if they have the cojones to handle the otherworldly explosions that are going to take place on your taste buds. A full attack on your tongue, this sauce took the prize when it came to hot while keeping the natural flavor of the chicken.

After getting the spicy stuff out of the way, we went on to try the rest of the yummy delights... Honey Thai is a flavor that has only been around for about 3 months young! Sweet and awesome, I would eat those all day and night along with my personal WIN; the Cajun with its dry delicious style rub - sans sauce & still amazing; kudos! Then we had the Daytona which threw us for a sweet and spicy loop... they sauce these suckers, then let them become caramelized on the grill! Parmesan Garlic was simply saucy, bossy and flavorful... loved the burst of garlic in each bite. Very good for the non-spice lover. The Spicy Garlic on the other hand actually seemed spicier than the 911 in my opinion! The heat left my tongue numb; but the flavor was extremely enjoyable! Another favorite was the Samurai Teriyaki Style which was another blend of sweet and spicy; but very smooth, for lovers of teriyaki and Asian flavor; try these babies! The BBQ was a thick smoked beer BBQ sauce (Same sauce as ribs... oh yeah, RIBS!) that worked really well for a thick smokey glaze. Lastly, we sampled the Lemon Pepper (Boneless)... they offered a quick blast of lemon with a pleasing pepper to follow... YUM. All the wings were consistently crispy, crunchy & crave-a-luscious (3 out of 3 C's)!!! No sauce was blatantly drowning the chicken itself making these wings EPIC WINS!

After all the chicken, we sampled a few of their specialty drinks including the extremely fruity Black Jack which was VERY YUM! 2oz of alcohol in this bad boy, Jack Daniels, cranberry, blackberry syrup... VERY berry! The House Margarita was simple, sweet and great and believe it or not; ONLY $5 all summer long! My favorite was actually the Angry Orchard - Alcoholic Apple Cider - WIN! I can't truly say how much I enjoyed this stuff, it went down so smooth and tasted like a crisp apple cider; I could get into trouble with that stuff! They have SO many different beers in which to try there whether it be craft, domestic or imported... this spot is the place to go.

Of course Hooters has its variation of items to choose from on their menu; we opted to go for the more obscure. Fried pickles with Onion Ring Sauce (Southwestern flavor with a splash of horseradish was BOSS). Lightly battered, crispy and still moist on the inside. BBQ Glazed Ribs that sauce from earlier offered a delicious glaze and fall of the bone meat! Paired with curly fries, niiice! Lastly, Lots-o-tots reminded me of a potato skin except crunchy pillows of love drowning in cheese, bacon and sour cream. Dessert: ALL their pies are Hooters made and branded... Key Lime Pie gave a burst of Lime and was sweet and creamy. Peanut Butter Pie (highly recommended) was smooth and delightfully peanuty! Great spot for great food & a good time, tell'em the Food Hounds sent you!

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