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REVIEW: Press 195 (Rockville Centre, New York)

REVIEW: Press 195 (Rockville Centre, New York)

Postby Brimstone » Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:58 pm

Press 195
22 N Park Ave
Rockville Centre, NY 11570
(516) 536-1950

Category: Sandwiches

Foodies!!! Behold... Brimstone here bringing all of our Food Hounds up to date on one of the hottest spots in Rockville Centre, New York... Press 195. You may have seen this spot on countless Food Network shows and in an abundance of different high profile publications; but to be blunt -- you haven't seen anything until you've actually sat down and eaten here yourself! This place is off the proverbial hook from the ambiance to the food and right down to the staff that makes this place tick. Great place to grab a quick and tasty bite for lunch or to hold a trendy and impressive business meeting. Luscious, Etan Wish and I were uber excited to give this restaurant a shot; so without further ado... the FOOD!!!

There was literally SO many different things to try, we opted to let our hosts pick some of the favorites for us to sample. Seriously... they have over 50 different sandwiches alone to choose from... Luscious almost went into a Food Coma looking at the menu!!! Out first came a Roasted Beet Salad. I've got to tell you that we were a little shocked when they brought out the greens; but the Chef assured us, "Go ahead, eat the Goat Cheese and Beets together!" He was so confident that we figured we'd give it a shot... WIN! VERY smooth and steady flavor! The maple syrup walnut vinaigrette was ridiculous... what a shock to our tastebuds! The caramelized marinated onions and beets are roasted in the maple syrup which does a great job in bringing out the YUM factor.

Moving right along to the Appetizer WIN... the Belgian Fries. Let us take a moment to bow our heads in memory of such a delicious feast of potatoes. Double fried to crispy perfection, an unbelievably LARGE portion... SO good! However, the sauce was the BOSS! Press 195 cares about the sauce ladies and gentlemen. They offer a variety of different dipping sauces that are guaranteed to please any palate. My Saucenese was put to the ultimate test as we tried each of their mind blowing concoctions! The WIN for me was the Chipotele Jalapeno Mayo, GREAT flavor and a slight kick! The Roasted Garlic was close second, and the Roasted Pepper.. Mmm... fresh garden veggies chopped up and inserted into this bad boy of a sauce... LOVED IT!

We then had what is called the Asparagus Appetizer which includes grilled asparagus carefully draped over tomatoes and fresh Mozzarella. The entire plate was doused with a killer maple syrup basil pesto made famous by the crew at Press 195. Awesome sauce... hands down! Not only was it great, the syrup actually cuts the naturally strong flavor of the pesto down to make it just right! The Mozzarella is uber-fresh as they opt to bring it in from a local Cheese Whiz who's ONLY business is the Mozz. When you've gotta have the Mozz... you go to this guy! **Note: I need that guys card because that cheese was amazing! Lastly, we had the Hummus Plate which is perfect for a couple of people to pick off of... it had had a mixture of black bean hummus, grilled marinated Portabella mushrooms (YUM), Calamata olives and roasted red peppers served with tasty grilled and spicy rounds of bread.

The entrees were one after the other tastebud pleasing in every single way. A favorite for all of us was the Meatloaf Knish which could really be considered a full meal in one knish! The ratio of Knish to meatloaf was fantastic and it was SO soft to bite into. Cheddar was a nice choice to top it off and cheese it up. The gravy they use is made from all the delightful drippings of their various meats... No bit of deliciousness left behind! I could of continued to eat these forever... but wait, there's more! The California Burnin' Burger was top notch! Upscale burger in a pressed bun served with those AMAZING fries (that have been voted as BEST fries on Long Island on a few occasions). For the burgers here, the meat is a blend of short ribs, brisket & chuck (pick your jaw up from the floor now)! We were mesmerized at how insane the flavors were in this specialty burger which included Monterey Jack, jalapenos, homemade salsa & guac.

We moved on to their Pressed Sandwiches next... #31 the Turkey Pressed Sandwich. Turkey, bacon... chipotle mayo (LOVE this stuff), Jack and that guacamole. Then, they call the Grilled Hanger Steak pressed sandwich the #38. They SHOULD call it number ONE because this thing was ridiculous! Grilled hanger steak, drowning in the fresh mozzarella and sprinkled with sweet onion jam, roasted pepper dressing and avocado. THE BOSS! At the end of the day... we couldn't decide on a definitive WIN; so we'd recommend giving each of these dishes a shot yourself.

Dessert we were treated to the Banana Bread Press with banana & strawberry slices, ice cream and whipped cream. Heaven. In a town full of dining options; Press 195 truly stands out as a new favorite for ole' Brim and the Food Hounds. Remember, Eat well and Prosper!


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