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REVIEW: Big Kahuna Bar & Grill (Huntington, New York)

REVIEW: Big Kahuna Bar & Grill (Huntington, New York)

Postby Brimstone » Tue Mar 27, 2012 5:40 pm

The Big Kahuna Bar & Grill
1730 E Jericho Tpke
Huntington, NY 11743
(631) 543-9100

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Attention Food Hounds!!! Brimstone here with another Food Hound: Tidbits for all of our Foodies out there. We found a New York City-esque spot in Huntington, Long Island! The Big Kahuna Bar & Grill is an upscale pool hall with a full scale bar and impressive menu. Let the world know that the ORIGINAL owners are back in charge at the Kahuna; and it looks like business there is heating up since their return! This spot is clean, cool and large... thirty foot ceilings, two cozy couches and a real fireplace help to set the mood while the low lights and classy wallpaper offer up a unique ambiance that makes this place really pop. Luscious, Etan and I wanted to see what all the hub-bub was about, so we took a ride to find out first hand!

On to the FOOD... We felt that since we were in what is essentially a 'bar' style environment; we should partake in some of their 'pub' like appetizers. Out came the delicious Sweet Potato Fries with their own blended special sauce of what seems to have been a mix of maple syrup and mayo. The sauce was BOSS... it brought out the natural flavor of the sweet potato; but also stood out on its own. The cream cheese Jalapeno Poppers were great, not too spicy; but hit the spot. Ok, now the Wings... Mmmm... We sampled two of their different flavors: Teriyaki the sauce was fantastic and very enjoyable and the Mild Buffalo was awesome; sweet, tangy and spicy with a great taste. What really made these wings great was that the sauce was NOT over bearing like some places (people we LOVE sauce... but the food should NEVER drown in it) and they were nice and crispy (we hate them mushy). The wings were a WIN and the Hounds could have eaten them all night long. Our last appetizer was the Potato Skins with TONS of Mmm... cheese and real bacon (Bacon, Bacon, Bacon). What I really liked about them were they were just crispy enough and weren't over done like some of our National chain friends who would serve them right out of the freezer! Kudos on the Skins Kahuna!

Since they have a pretty cool list of signature drinks, we figured that we'd give a couple a shot too! We tried the Blue Kahuna Martini which was not only a sick neon blue; but went down really smooth. The Blue Curacao did its part to make that a memorable Martini. We also sampled the Tropical Punch Martini which had a peachy beachy flavor; tropical really does sum it up in one word! On to the entrees...

Who would have thought that this place would have dishes that could have been brought out to you at a five star restaurant? Even better yet, that they would be EXTREMELY affordable! Their Bolognese was something out of an Italian restaurant. The scent of cheese was slamming, the consistency was spot on and not watery and the portion was meant for a very hungry person (Luscious was that hungry person). The meat was evidently sauteed in a garlic butter and you could literally taste the Sicilian roots in the recipe. Hands down... the WIN for Lush and ole' Brim. Etan's WIN was the Skirt Steak (which was a close second for me). This large portioned skirtie had a great light 'fruit juice' marinade which was delicious. It came with a nice side of Mashed Potatoes that were unbelievably light, fluffy, buttery and are freshly mashed by the Chef.

We saw an order of the Fajitas while in the kitchen and they looked UNREAL! We had to get our paws on our own... GLAD we did! The chicken was moist, yummy and cooked in a sweet marinade! This plate of love was seriously right out of a Mexican restaurant... the peppers were caramelized to perfection, everything was juicy and flavorful! An interesting wrap we tried was Frannie's Western Style Crispy Chicken Wrap! The only thing bigger than the taste was the name... all in all it was healthy, crispy and good! Lastly, we opted to finish it all off with the most obvious of pub foods... a Bacon Cheeseburger! This sucker was great as it reminded us of a home BBQ. It's all in the meat and the owners went through a lot of trouble to ensure that these burgers were reminiscent of those at an old Ridgewood Queens hot spot, the Eagle's Nest. The flavor behavior was out of this world... well done, toasted bun - great job!

Once wrapping up all the delicious eats, it was a pleasure to kick back and relax with a few games of Pool. Nice atmosphere, great food, unbelievable service... the Food Hounds give the Big Kahuna two thumbs up for Friends, Food and Fun! Until next time... Eat Well and Prosper...!

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