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REVIEW: BBQ Nite (Hicksville, New York)

REVIEW: BBQ Nite (Hicksville, New York)

Postby Brimstone » Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:59 pm

BBQ Nite
470 S Broadway
Hicksville, NY 11801
(516) 935-1599

Categories: Barbeque, Halal

Time for a Tandoori Tidbit with the Food Hounds on the Pakistani tip! Brimstone here to tell you about this tight little spot called BBQ Nite. In their first year of business, they're already extremely popular! The keywords to best describe this family run spot in Hicksville are tasty, bold and flavorful. Now, this is a small place so don't expect to be walking into a giant restaurant; but what they lack in size - they more than make up for with the food! Most Halal spots on Long Island or in the New York area are either very small or food carts. BBQ Nite has an adequate amount of table space to allow for a sit-down with some friends in a nice, friendly and educational atmosphere. If you don't know what to get, the brothers are more than happy to offer you advice on what's hot (literally). When you step into the place, the aroma is heavenly. You immediately catch a whiff of all the blended meats and spices and it's truly on another level! Before moving onto our dining experience, I HAD to make a mention of the TWO Tandoori Ovens that are used on premise - one regular and one they take while on the go!

On to the food... which just kept on coming! For the first time ever, I tried the Fried Tilapia over Brown Rice... a fresh fillet of fish seasoned on the inside fried on the outside! I didn't think I was going to enjoy the Tilapia; but it had a tasty flaky crunch and was very flavorful. It was a little on the fishy side; but not overbearing, very flavorful. Next, look out... the Zinger Burger! Declared the most famous in town; this thick, juicy, tangy and spicy chicken cutlet had all the trimmings including one of my new favorites... Masala Fries! These babies were off the hook... spiced to perfection, the best way to describe them is orgasmic! They were similar to what I always imagined that REAL hot fries would taste like. I'd eat that awesomeness all week long. Same goes for the Seekh Kabab (named Seekh after the skewer its made on), a beautifully spiced chicken that was superb and tasted similar to a lamb gyro in flavor and texture.

I have to take some time out to talk about all the varieties of freshly made Naan. Naan is a leavened, oven-baked flat-bread that is the bread of choice in the Middle East. At BBQ Nite, they make a bunch of different Naan including Regular Butter Naan and Sesame Naan. Some interesting flavors were Keema Butter Naan baked with seasoned meat inside with flavors of cilantro and onion. The Onion Kulcha offered onions and peppers baked in with a refreshing taste and a sweet flavor. Good stuff, two thumbs up on all of the above; but for the King of Naan... Garlic Butter Naan! Fresh, warm and bursting with garlic flavor! VERY tasty... Naan WIN.

Back to the entrees... we had a bowl of the Chicken Meatball & Egg in a Curry Sauce that was the BOSS! The meatballs are actually cooked IN the curry to create an interesting texture where the meat was soft and tender on the inside; but a light shell on the outside. While the meat alone was good, the egg and sauce really tied the flavor together. I'd definitely get that again. The array of different chicken was astounding... the Chicken Tikka Boti (which we had with AND without the bone) had a taste of cilantro and coriander with a nice spice and touch of sweetness that cut through the 'hot' flavoring to give a really nice taste. The Behari Kabab was juicy, flame broiled on the outside with a serious burst of flavor in every bite. A popular dish was the Butter Chicken best described as curried chicken without the anticipated kick. A milder tone so your mouth won't be on fire (the sauce is great for dipping!). We had the Me-LIKE... I mean - Malai Chicken (Malai means cream) which was a creamy spiced chicken. Lush nominated the creamy and rich Malai for the Chicken WIN... Who can really argue with a six foot plus chicken connoisseur?

EVERY sauce we had was intense and bursting with herbs and spices that the Hounds have never experienced before! No sauce left behind... we sopped up all the extra yum with Naan! Make sure to use the White Sauce, a blend of mayonnaise, cream cheese, sour cream and vinegar... DELICIOUS. Use it on EVERYTHING. Drink a Mango Lassi, a mango smoothie that was very smooth, creamy and had a ton of mango flavor. Lastly, for the WIN - the Mix Roll - a blend of ALL their meats to create this ridiculous blend of flavor that kicked our taste buds into hyper-drive! Tangy, sweet, spicy, juicy WIN WIN WIN!!!

We were topped off with a bowl of the Kheer, a creamy, sweet style of rice pudding that has been in their family for 15 years. It had a slight nutty flavor (the almonds) with a six hour cooking time. This place is BOSS!!! Make sure to stop in and tell them the Food Hounds sent you!

WATCH our experience at BBQ Nite HERE

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