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REVIEW: The Library Cafe (Farmingdale, New York)

REVIEW: The Library Cafe (Farmingdale, New York)

Postby Brimstone » Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:59 pm

The Library Cafe
274 Main St
Farmingdale, NY 11735
(516) 752-7678

Categories: American (Traditional), Seafood

Welcome all you Food Hounds out there... it's Brim again bringing you another Food Hound: Tidbit, this time from The Library Cafe. First and foremost - the cool factor for this specific location, is that it was literally the Village Library up until they converted it into an eatery about eleven years ago. That being said, the pure uniqueness of this Farmingdale hot-spot is second to none that we have personally seen thus far in terms of ambiance alone. Thirty-foot ceilings offer a feeling of wide open space offering any seat in the house a dynamite view! The bar was astounding taking up an entire length and height of the wall with rows of various liquors including a VERY interesting bottle of 'King Louis' a 75 year old cognac that goes for $165 a shot! In a nutshell, this place is a standout on a small strip full of bars and eateries that specializes in Martini's, Wines, Beer and most importantly... fine foods! Etan Wish and I could not wait to dig in and give it a shot.

We started off with a variety of different goodies that they call appetizers... The Sicilian Wings we've never seen before. They had a delightfully mellow flavor and offered a light touch of cheese via the mozzarella with drizzled garlic and oil to taste. The Chipotle BBQ wings were tangy with a hint of spice. Neither wings were crispy; however they were certainly NOT mushy and had a simple yet delicious taste, no overwhelming saucing needed. The Tuna Tataki can best be described as a refreshing taste with a bite! Seared Tuna with a helping of an avocado puree and a jalapeno served on a crispy-crunchy wonton crisp. In accordance with St. Patty's Month, we decided to dine on some Mini-Reubens that we doused with a killer Grain Mustard on a toasted cocktail rye (which was a nice touch), covered in kraut with a hint of the Swiss. Our last starter was the best of all... Southwestern Chicken Spring Rolls! The Spring Roll was an awesome blend of corn, black beans and Cheddar with a fantastic spicy seasoned chicken tucked away in an Asian style egg-roll shell.

One of the BIG things that the Library Cafe is known for is the tremendous variety of special promotions for every day of the week including deals on beer, wine and lots of delectable eats! The Lessings (the family name) make their own blends of beer and wine (all toting the Lessings Family Crest). We sampled the Lessings Local Ale brewed locally here on Long Island at Blue Point Brewery in accordance with the Lessings family. Although I am not a beer drinker, I will admit that the beer went down smooth, without the aftertaste that other brews have. Another interesting drink that we tried was a VERY nummy Martini called, 'The Notebook' which offers a raspberry sugar rimmed glass, Absolut Mango Vodka, Chambord, Coconut Rum (Parrot Bay), Pinapple Juice & a splash of Grenadine. On top of all that... they do their own wines too! Best time to sample the wine is on Wednesday's when the bottles are offered at half off all day and night.

On to the Entrees!!! The Chicken Bruschetta was off the hook! A large portion of TWO crisped pan fried cutlets (pan fried makes a HUGE difference in retaining the flavors), intertwined with asiago cheese, tomato basil, kalamata olive bruschetta and laid over a colorful generous bed of Arugula Salad then drizzled with aged balsamic. Ladies and Gentlemen, I declared this the WIN for the day! To my surprise, Etan argued with me that his choice for the WIN was the Killer Mac & Cheese! It was hard to agree to make it another TIE; but I've got to tell you... a four cheese sauce with SMOKED BACON, BBQ PULLED PORK (D-lish), topped with butter and bread crumb crust and corkscrew pasta really made it a tough call. Ok... a TIE WIN for these two game changers! Lastly, we were presented with a nicely sized Marinated Skirt Steak with crispy fried onions covering a heaping load of mashed potatoes. I asked for it well-done; but knowing how delicate skirties can be, I should have went medium-well to avoid being 'too' well-done for my personal taste... my fault on that one folks. The steak held a lightly seasoned flavor that worked very well when scooped up with the mashed and onions.

OMG... the specialty desserts were mind-blowing! Cinnamon Buns made fresh from scratch were warm, gooey and had a fantastic doughy texture! Followed up with a Molten Chocolate Lava Cake with a UBER-THICK fudgie ganache flowing like Wonka's wading rivers from the center of a delicious and moist chocolate cake. WINNING! At last, I felt as though I took a ride to Tasty Town and this next baby was the Mayor... a slam-tastic Banana Chocolate Empanada with toasted pecans! Toasted pecans were a nice addition to this dessert. The shell was light and crispy reminiscent of old school Hostess Apple Pies, except fresh, warm and delicious! Day or night, you've gotta drop by and tell'em the Food Hounds sent you!

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