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  Corporate Officers:
       President & CEO: William 'Brimstone' Kucmierowski

Vice President: Sajad Shah
       Treasurer & CFO:  Alan Culbreath

  Executive Officers:
       Chief Operations/Information Officer:
Frank 'Nolak' Lamberti

       Executive Assistant to the CEO: Katrina Lungren
       Special Projects Manager: Lauren-Marie Fanelli
       Project Manager:
Etan Wishnevski

  Hound Art Department:
       Inker: Jake Isenberg
       Letterer: Shawn Reynolds
       Colorist and Creator:
Matthew Howerter

       Artist and Creator: Rudes Tamales
       Illustrator & Colorist: Sam Carlin
       Illustrator, Colorist and Creator: Ozzie Martin
       Illustrator: Blair Smith
       Artist: Mike Hill
       Artist: Meredith Moriarty
Hound Kids Creative Director and Writer: Courtney Freeman

  PR, Sales & Marketing Department:
Director of Public Relations: Kim Crockett
       Public Relations: Lauren Blake
       Highlights VLogger: Grace Anderson
       CosplaySociety Dir of Ops: Mia McLaughlin
       Food Hounds Blogger: Kessyn Alan

  Legal Department:
Steve Orsetti
Shana Curti

       Intern: Tommy Clemente
       Intern: Catherine Fields
       PR: Matthew Price
       Photog - NJ/PA: Tim Absher
       Photog - Miami, FL: Paulina Splechta
       Gaming: Matthew Cintron

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