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  Appears in: Another Cold Day: Part I-IV; The Animated Series

  Voiced By: William 'Will Kaye' Kucmierowski

  Born: Wastelands

  Species: Human/Demon

  Siblings: Orgrathan, Half-brother

  Occupation: Borderhound, Head of Xibalba

  Height: 5' 10"

  Weight: 185 lbs.

  Hair: Blonde

  Eyes: Green, unless calling Forza Infernis, White

  Powers: Forza Infernis, Wormhole Operator, Immortality, Mortality

  Personality: Calculated, Shoot first and ask questions later


Brimstone was born to the Wastelands as a rare hybrid of Demon and Human. He never fit into the world of Hell because of all his faults as a Weeper-son. The demons of Hell found it hard to deny the demonic half of his existence, especially when he mastered the incomparable powers of forza infernis, which few demons have yet to attempt without the consequence of death. Still, they only begrudgingly accept Brimstone's mastery. His fellow Demons are beginning to notice his strange connections with the Weepers he rounds up, especially as he travels to the Earth dimension. Resentment boils as he continues to lead the best team of Borderhounds in the dimension, rounding up souls despite sharing origins with these once and forever slaves. However, the more time he spends on Earth, the more it brings out his humanity and drains his powers as a demon. What Demon will challenge the Human within Brimstone? And what path will he be forced to choose to protect the ones he loves?

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