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Tom Kyzivat,
Writer, Illustrator, Animator

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From cheesy little flipbooks to notebook stick figure epics, growing up, Tom has always been a storyteller at heart. Fascinated with cartoons, toys, video games, movies, comic books and comic strips, Tom's dorky childhood fueled his love for art and stories. He graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2004 with a degree in multimedia design and animation, and started freelancing art. He made a small break in the business when one of his independently-produced animated shorts, Prey, earned a spot in the top ten best animations for Nickelodeon's Nextoons Festival in 2005.

Since then he's done animated shorts and ads for various companies, as well as character illustrations, concept art and various other graphic work. One of his biggest clients is Stern Pinball, Inc., out of Melrose Park, IL--the last company left that still makes pinball machines. Tom creates the funny little dot matrix display animations that appear on the back board... and he gets to play all the free pinball he wants.

Tom is now focusing on more storytelling, nurturing a growing interest in writing over the last few years. The Revival will be the first comic he's published, and he hopes it will be the first of many opportunities to share fun stories that entertain as well as inspire.



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