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Jamie Isaacs

Jamie Isaacs is 15 years old and lives with her parents Anne, Ron, her 13 year old brother Danny and 9 year old sister Lindsey. She currently attends the Knox School in Saint James New York as a 10th grader. From a young age, Jamie was the victim of intense bullying; enduring five years of constant torment from ages 8 to 13. Torment that lasted throughout the majority of her Elementary School education and that would have continued had it not been for the intervention of her family, withdrawing her from the Public School District.

But the bullying would not stop there. No longer able to bully Jamie, her tormentors sought revenge on the closest person they could find, Jamie's younger brother Danny. Subjecting him to the same pain and humiliation his sister had already endured for years before. So for Jamie's family, the torment continued as the School District stood idly by and Danny became the new target. At their wits end, the family was forced to withdraw Danny from the Public School District as well. When Jamie was withdrawn from the school district, there were a total of 22 kids continuously tormenting her, threatening her, stealing from her, sexually harassing her and cyber bullying her.

But Jamie's story is unlike any other bullying story that you have heard or read about. Instead of succumbing to her mistreatment, which most bullied young people do to tragic ends, within it Jamie found a sense of strength and purpose. She decided to take a stand to help prevent others from suffering as she did and founded the "JAMIE ISAACS FOUNDATION FOR ANTI-BULLYING INC."

Now, she has put her ordeal into words and comprised a book that would tell the powerful story of what she went through and what her family did to keep her alive!

For more information contact: Anne and Ron Isaacs
Tel: 631-605-3534/ 631-332-4623
E-Mail: aisaacs65@yahoo.com or rjisaacs1@verizon.net
Website: www.jamieisaacsfoundation.org


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