About Hound Comics

"It all started with a sketch... albeit not necessarily on paper, it simply began as a vision. Believing that a professional wrestling persona could be something more than just a character; it could become an entity."  

The estimated inception of Hound Comics is late 2004 when Will 'Brimstone' Kucmierowski, Marcello Carnevali and Sajad Shah agreed to ban together to create what is now known as, "The Borderhounds," starring Brimstone as the hero in the story. The trio immediately began working on character designs, full story lines and the over-all 'being' of the Borderhounds Universe. Shortly following the partnership, Allen Chickering was brought into the mix as the official inker for the project. Although the initial efforts were up to par, the team of creators could not seem to find a colorist that would stick. "I wanted more than just a hired hand on the Hounds; I wanted a partner who was 100 percent vested in the project! I was looking for someone who would go above and beyond the call of duty in order to ensure that OUR title would be successful, always giving 200%!" says Brimstone. It wasn't until mid 2010 that Chickering stumbled across Thiago Castro; a young talented and hungry artist residing in Brazil. Castro single handed - put the Borderhounds into over drive! The level of professionalism and heart displayed by Thiago solidified his place as a co-owner and co-creator of the Hound Comics Team.

At a quick and steady pace, Hound Comics has become a force to be reckoned with and has gained a positive reputation amongst their peers. As a cohesive unit, each with their own specific roles; contribute whatever needed to garner the success of a common goal.

Currently, Hound Comics has created lucrative partnerships and developed relationships with a variety of other companies in order to expand and capitalize on the Borderhounds brand.

 Kucmierowski looks to base the Hound Comics business model similar to the 'Brimstone' brand; which has a proven track record of over fourteen years. Under the stage name of "Brimstone," Kucmierowski has branded himself as a professional wrestler, actor, author, executive producer, philanthropist and now a comic book hero. In a nutshell, he has had a successful and rewarding career spanning well over two decades encompassing everything "entertainment."

Utilizing the combined years of experience the team has in sales, marketing and advertising; Hound Comics enjoyed the successful official launch of "Brimstone and The Borderhounds" on October 31st, 2010 at Borders Books flagship store on Long Island, New York.


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